Systems & Operations

Do you need help with designing, optimizing and managing processes?

I can create/document your systems or streamline and automate your workflows/operations

Systems Management

Your business is composed of systems. Your business systems are the threads in the fabric of its existence


A good system has a clear purpose that’s related to achieving the business goal

  • Is clear, comprehensive and specific
  • Is easily repeatable 
  • Is as simple as possible
  • Is regularly updated, monitored and reviewed

Systems I can help with:


CRMs – Customer Relationship Management

Onboarding and offboarding of clients, CRM implementation and advancement of strategies, plans, and systems in place to take your business – customer relationships to higher heights. Let’s put the bits in place that help you gain new customers and oversee the process of retaining your existing ones.


SOPs – create and document procedures and workflows

Standard Operating Procedures at a minimum give you the following:

  • Consistency – The more consistent a process is from person to person, the less chance there will be quality problems.
  • Reduction of errors –  As long as each individual within the team performs the task as it is written, there’s a greater chance of reducing errors.
  • Communication – With improvements made to processes, the operating procedures are updated, and each update requires new training. 

Operations Management

It is all about 1) designing, 2) managing, 3) optimizing the processes that not only produce the products and services your business offers, but also gets them to your auidence


Operations processes are the recurring activities that an organization carries out to drive its core, existential functions. 


Operations I can help with:

Automations & Integrations


Ask yourself:

  • Is this process done more than once per month?
  • Is this process highly predictable, with the same steps (more or less) every time?
  • Does this process involve information exchange between systems, or handovers between teams?
  • Does managing this process prevent me from doing the work that I actually want to do?

If you said yes to any of these – then it’s time to automate and integrate!