Project Management

Do you need help with planning, execution or delegation?

I can manage your project from Step 0: Brainstorming all the way to Step 101: Project is Fully Launched

What can I offer?

Looking for day-to-day project management support and a right-hand person?


Collaborate, establish and pre-plan deliverables for what we do

Manage deadlines, assign tasks, solve bootlenecks – from pre-planning through project closing 

Own and manage project flow and cadence: drive the process, ask questions, conduct check-ins

Monitor deliverable timelines and ongoing readiness of deliverables making sure everything is running according to plan and adapt as we go


Launch Management

When you have a new digital product and need a well-planned and well-executed launch management process


Online Course Creation + Management

Let’s project plan and build your online course or take care and update the backend of your existing one


Team Management

Whether you need a buffer between you and your team, help hiring or training new hires – I have processes build for every step of the way