Team Management

Do you need help with hiring, onboarding and team management?

I can help you manage your amazing remote team and community.

What can I offer?

I create strong communication and cohesion between team members so they are not working in silos


Coordinate and co-facilitate internal , 1:1 and team project meetings 


Provide reporting updates for weekly meetings


Delegating tasks and projects, solving bottlenecks


Hiring, onboarding, training, guiding and feedback rounds


● Facilitate, plan and execute a process for a new team hire

Packages & Services

Your Dream Hire

Get clarity on your new team member, their position, skillset, and KPIs. Let’s get everything set up from the job description to the application forms and interview questions to get your perfect new team member


Team Onboarding

Create a smooth onboarding process. Let’s start with a 90-day game plan on how to integrate and train with ease new members 


Day-to-day team management

Setting up day-to-day roles and responsibilities, giving the right tools and resources, communicating clear and effectively.